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    Judai was in Ecruteak City, sitting on the grass next to the town fountain. His Pokemon were all around him, Big Spiral was taking a nap, Slicer and Big pinch were having a sparring battle and Chews was busy stealing some oran berries from families picnic baskets that were resting in the shade. "Ah we should do this more often, don't you guys agree?"Judai said.

    "Tata!"Chews answered.

    The other three didn't reply since the one was asleep and the other two were in a tense battle. Judai was smiling at the thought that his Pokemon were having fun, when he heard a beautiful sound coming from a few miles away.

    "Come on guys, were going to go see where that music is coming from."He said standing up and started walking away. Chews quickly followed and jumped onto my shoulders. Big pinch and Slicer woke Big Spiral up and they ran after him. They caught up with him and after a few minutes came to a scene where a Kimono girl was talking to someone playing a Violin. He walked up to her and said "Hi there, you play the. Violin beautifully."
    Team Fail in Stocking Stuffer Challenge

    I will update it every time the team changes.


    All three are females
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