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Hmmmmmm.... :D
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Uuh, Just call me Oize
Time Z one
UTC/GMT +1 hour
(West European )
Hacking Skills
Ima scripter haha, i saw you needed a scripter so i thought: i'll apply.
To be honest. its been 2-3 months ive scripted for the last time. I really like scripting.
Contact information(preferably msn):
I got MSN, but i prefer skype, but MSN is fine
Proof of works(Optional):
I'll send you some links. I made videos of my scripts as test, some complicated scripst i recorded.
(Btw, when you see those links, dont look at the map, only the events haha)
Past Projects(Optional):
I was in a team once, it died. :c

I hope to hear from you, really good story line. to be honest, one of my reasons to join is that you want to make a hack without fakemon .
One does not simply make a pokemon hack