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Originally Posted by TornZero View Post
What I don't get is that trans*ism is typically considered worse than being homosexual. Why wouldn't someone pick the lesser of two evils? This is especially odd knowing that homosexuality is becoming much more widespread as an accepted thing.
Well, a trans person can be in a heterosexual relationship, and I can see how that might seem "better" to an outsider who doesn't realize that gay and trans aren't the same thing. Like, if they thought that a trans person was just a gay person trying to hide their ~shameful gayness~ then they might think it would be better to hide it at least and pretend to be in a straight relationship? Or something? They'd probably don't think very hard about what it would actually be like to be trans vs being gay though. After all, it's unnerving to lots of people to think, even for a moment, about life outside of their heteronormative lives so their powers of imagination in this area aren't going to be very well developed.