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    Looking at your text data problems there brings back memories - from around 3 years ago? I didn't know how to reduce the amount of letters used by text data then either (yet I did know how to do something about text data with a hex editor).

    Originally Posted by hinkage View Post
    Oh yeah I know, I've used it. You can edit text without it with PKSV (dunno about XSE), which is a lot better -- pretty sure it lets you repoint offsets too, so you're not bound to that offset's character limit, although you'd probably just be overwriting other text.

    It should be okay though since, unless you plan to have 16 badges/2 regions like G/S/C, you should be able to overwrite a lot of stuff without it being a problem. Miksy knows a lot more, so maybe ask him.
    Yeah, you can edit text data "freely" (not really actually...) with PKSV because it handles repointing automatically. It's always a possibility that you run out of space though (to understand what I'm saying here, you'd have to know how GB pointers and rom banks work. Running out of rom space is different and won't happen that easily).

    Personally, I never use PKSV for editing text (and no other script editor supports G/S/C). What I do is to write "text that makes no sense" (like 200 marks of "k" (kkkkkkk....)) into blank space in the rom (with a hex editor), pick up the offset of that "text" and add it to the ini file of Poketext. After doing this, I replace those kkkkkk... with the new text I write there. Now that I'm done writing the new text in this originally blank space in the rom, I open up my hex editor and go to that offset where that new text data is. Here I cut it off at the wanted point (at the part where "junk" data begins...) with byte "57" (which is used for stopping the game from loading more text data after that byte) and finally replace all that "junk" data following it with 00's. Done.

    After doing this, make an event call the text from this rom area by repointing an original text data pointer (or in my case, make a completely new event which uses this text data by creating a new script from scratch).
    None of this is that difficult once you get used to it. If you want to learn, you can eventually do it.

    I don't have much to say about the hack itself, would have to try it out to write more about it.
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