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    Best Mapping: Victory Fire by Wind. To tell the truth, most maps I've seen in hacks tend to be either rehashes or just don't stand out. LP does have good mapping, but it is far too linear. Wind's maps are developed and less linear.

    Best Scripting:
    Liquid Crystal by LaZ. Excellent usage of ASM such as Red Gyarados and Ruins of Alph. Overall best programming, one of the few hacks here that is bug-free and has unique ASM.

    Most Graphical Appeal:
    Light Platinum by Wesley. Best tiles, hands down. Wesley did a great job in making LP seem like a 4th gen game, especially with the limit capabilities of GBA software.

    Best Story Line: Snakewood by Cutlerine. Cutlerine's hack does what no other hack has ever done, add a proper and enthralling storyline to a Pokemon game. Not to mention this is one of the few hacks that use an advanced level of English.

    Best Gameplay: Quartz by Baro. Call me crazy, but despite how his fakemon are considered to be downright ridiculous, Baro created one of the most highly innovative hacks in PC. I mean, who else here has made a 100% fakemon hack?

    Most Engaging Hack: Liquid Crystal by LaZ. At first I thought it would have been another meh-ish remake. But to tell the truth, this hack has a lot more to offer than a simple GSC remake. Snakewood would have come first, but re-using Hoenn is sort of a turn-off.

    Overall Favourite:
    Liquid Crystal by LaZ. It's not just a remake, aside from offering three vastly improved regions and buffing up Crystal's storyline, Liquid Crystal improves the gameplay experience via the Physica/Special split.