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Originally Posted by Triston1zn View Post
WElcome Whitney...

Both you and your ANNOYINGLY overpowered miltank are most welcome :-)

Joking...welcome back!!...hope you have just as much fun this time around...
Finally a nice thing to say about Milky, I agree that my Miltank is a tad overpowered, but they don't call me the hardest gym leader in johto for nothing (for more info check the thread "Who Is The Hardest gym Leader In HG/SS?")

Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
Welcome, Whitney! For a "that one boss," you're really cute. I'm also in interest of Miltank's power. Watch out for Fighting types, you're gonna need a Normal type that knows a strong Flying or Psychic move to utilize with.
Awwww, Im toched you're cute too Pinkie-Dawn :3
Also in my PO team I use a Meloetta and a Staraptor.

Thank you all for your warm welcoming, Im sure Im going to have a splendid time here :3

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Hi! I'm Whitney! You can challenge me on PO, but I'm warning you--I'm good!
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