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Clare and Kale
(Sorry Junie but I will have to bunny you character away)
Kazan gave a modest bow, "I will have to rejec your offer, I do apologize, but I must see my sister." Kazan promptly left in a dignified manner.

Clare shrugged a bit disappointed, "I suppose yes isn't always the answer." She pat Ryan on the back, "Hope you feel better, tomorrow I propose we look for a third group, that way we can get into the field."

Kale looked outside, "Certainlyis getting late, ending the day on this note would be nice." He stood up, robotic arm in sling and balance off, "Walking alone will take some getting used to!" He laughed heartily, "Shame we don't have a better place to sleep than those apartments..."

"Well if we start a group, apperantly we get certain benefits such as a group house." Clare explained, "There is also increased money monthly, they told me it was because it is more dangerous to do group missions."

"Makes sense, I have always prefers rewards over punishment anyways. Well good seeing you again, but my meds are kicking in and I have to sleep." They walked out together, "Meet us in the cafeteria tomorrow at seven in the morning!" He called back.
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