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Originally Posted by Fuyuki~ View Post
Everybody I know and met already has a boyfriend/girlfriend. It's not really too early when it's shoved into my face every day. :/

I've learned to just deal with it. If something happens, it'll happen, but I'm not going to cheat myself by giving myself any sort of false hope. (I'm a pessimistic person)
I starting going out with my first girlfriend when I was 18. Not everyone starts having sexual relationships at 15 and 16. And even then those people who did start early might not find themselves in a serious and committed relationship for many years afterwards. You'll find someone, trust me.

Originally Posted by Yoshikkko View Post
Guys what are your pet peeves? My worst one is when there is this empty space between the blanket and the cover lmao.
People who say "Should/Could of" instead of "Should/Could have". That really drives me up the wall.
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