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    Without giving in to egotism (although I'm very, very fond of writing horror apparently), try The SCP Foundation. There's hundreds of entries, and given the fact that I have no idea what actually scares you (whether you're a psychological horror fan, a person who gets a rise out of an image more than text, a reader who gets chills from lots of buildup more than actual scares, fan of lost episode/lost media-type creepypasta, just someone who actually thought the Saw movies were scary, etc, etc), I can't really offer any specifics. I can say that one of my favorite non-hilarious ones is 1046, although that tends to be more gloomy than creepy. 1981 is creepy, but what makes it is really the accompanying images; the rest of the content is a pretty standard "tape does weird ****" story. But the point is, The SCP Foundation has a ton of material, so it's usually pretty easy to find something you like in it. Or at least get distracted trying. The comments are usually relentless about getting things fixed up (because entries can be "decommissioned" and replaced if they're not up to par with the rest of the site), so the writing there is usually pretty decent.

    As a tip when going into the archives, despite the fact that Keter objects are meant to be the most dangerous, it's the Euclid objects that usually have the more interesting entries. Unless you're the type of person who likes a lot of gore in your pasta, anyway. (You can filter out objects by their classification via the tag cloud on the left-hand side of the page, under the list of page links.)

    And on that note, yes, some of the objects are not appropriate for kiddies. There is no porn, but there are things that would not please the squeamish. If you want the kiddie objects, the Safe ones are usually safe, no pun intended.

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