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Welcome to PC, Thomas, good to see you here~! You do seem pretty sophisticated going by your avatar and username, hehe. xD;

History and science are some of my interests too, especially the latter. I did really well in those subjects at school, so that contributed a lot to my taking an interest in it! Are you into general history or country-specific history? Seems like there's a lot of people around who are only into specific portions of history, though it's fascinating in general for me. Very interesting to learn about. :D (..but admittedly, I think European history is just a tiny bit more awesome than the rest >>;)

But of course, everyone likes Pokemon here, so that's something you have in common with everyone else! We have a lot of Pokemon-related discussions going on here (of course) but also quite a lot of active off-topic chats, too! I think you might enjoy areas like Other Chat or Other Voting Polls; that's the idea I get from reading your intro, though I could very well be wrong. Hope you've done some exploring around already to get an idea of what you'd be most interested in!

Anyway, that's all from me, so have a great time here and stick around! You can always contact me if you need help or want to talk, I'm always open. ^^
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