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While I'm waiting on midnight to hit so I can evolve my Eevee in Emerald, I decided to just go ahead and knock a gym out on this challenge, so I'll probably stop right here and move on to something else while I continue waiting. Just game jumping, haha.

Player: Ace Trainer Alli
Game: Black 2 (Jap)
Badges: 5

Berry / Jumpluff (f) lv. 33 @ Miracle Seed
Bullet Seed, Hidden Power [Ice], PoisonPowder, Leech Seed

Gavin / Swellow (m) lv. 32 @ Scope Lens
Fly, Aerial Ace, Quick Attack, Double Team

Shawn / Milotic (m) lv. 33 @ Leftovers
Surf, Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Recover

Gus / Grimer (m) lv. 32 @ Eviolite
Ice Punch, Dig, Return, Sludgebomb

Alyse / Luxray (f) lv. 32
Spark, Fire Fang, Bite, Strength

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