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Originally Posted by patrick_20052005 View Post
Awesome work, thanks a lot diego. i want to replay the game again with the new patch, thanks for the updates.

edit: just noticed elitepokes' post, i agree the falkner overworld looks perfect! the frlg feel is really there.
I'm thinking that there maybe a possibility that the falkner trainer sprite would be changed to accomodate the overworld's colors?
Thanks for the comment! But the overworld sprite was actually made with the palette of the trainer sprite, so...
Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
Great update Diego. Hopefully all of the work is done soon. Best wishes!!!1
Soon? Haha.
Originally Posted by RicardoDTX View Post
I'd just like to ask a few questions.
When was Beta 1 and Beta 2 released? Sometime in '09 and March 2012, respectively.

In a few page back you said you have a schedule between Shining Opal and Crystal Dust, on what "stage" are you in now? I'm actually working on Shining Opal, but CrystalDust and new things for it keep bringing me back.

and lastly, after completing the pokemon league I went to Olivine Port and tried to get into the SS Aqua (or whatever the name is) but instead there was a TM 02 (Headbut), why was there a TM 02 there? (the boat I can understand) There's supposed to be a script there to block you, which accidentally got disabled. Fixed and uploaded.

Thanks for your time, keep up the awesome work.
Gym Leader Whitney~
Comments in bold.
Originally Posted by ElitePokes View Post
Hey Diego ill try the new version later when i get home to check the new Pokegear Background and the RTC bug also thats greats news for the Pokegear if you take the Trainers dialogues from Crystal it will be great.

Retribution i checked Jasmines OW aswell its great but my favorite is Falkners you did a really awesome job there i cant wait to see Bugsys OW :D
As for the market items i played Crystal not a long time ago when i was testing this hack and i think this hack got the same items for sale

At this stage this hacks Johto is the best Johto i ever saw its better than other hacks and even the original GSC (the only thing i miss is Pokegear and the other Legendaries but those will probably be available in future betas if everything goes well) keep up the awesome work guys

Hehe the IPS file is 1,60 MB now :D
Thanks for the praise!
Originally Posted by Retribution View Post
Ah, awesome. :D I'm glad that you really like them. I finished the Bugsy sprite earlier so expect it soon. :D I really tried to give it that "old school" look like Falkner's so hopefully it'll be well received. :D And I completely agree- this is one of the best hacks and, in my opinion, the definitive G/S/C hack (minus HG/SS ofc.)
Thanks a lot! I'll insert the sprites later.
Originally Posted by Gym Leader Whitney View Post
I just checked the pokegear new design, it looks amazing!

Are you going to work on my sprite as well, Retribution?

EDIT: I found a bug, my pokegear says that its "Monday 44:17 pm".
Try the latest patch, it may fix that issue. If not, shoot me a PM with your save file and the name of your emulator.
Originally Posted by Eru_Paul View Post
WOW! Awesome work with the palette! Really beautiful! Keep working, you're doing an excellent job!
Thanks for the comment!
Originally Posted by Жека View Post
How about a picture of the old one for side by side comparisons? Good idea with revamping what you don't feel comfortable with.
For those of you who want a side-by-side comparison:

Old is to the left, new is to the right.
Originally Posted by ElitePokes View Post
I think it would be awesome if Diego adds a scary place in Sevii Islands with 3 Gen Ghost Pokemon, do you like this idea?

Anyway i tried the new patch to check the new pokegears background and if the time bug was fixed but like with Whitney my pokegear was bugged but i have a worse problem

This happens with both My Boy! and Gameboid i cant even see the time and if i try to open the phone card the pokegear just exits
Regarding the new area, it sounds interesting.
And about the Pokégear, no idea how but incorrectly inserting the BG image led to it working fine on some emulators and breaking on others. This is now fixed and uploaded.

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