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    I like disturbing things, such as: a child drugging its family, gagging them, binding them, and when they first wake up, groggy from sleep, the child drags them all into the pool one by one. he pours lighter fluid and alcohol in the water. then sets it on fire. the child looks at them and films it all. just that kind of disturbing, nightmar-ish stuff.

    Oh yeah, and i did feel bad for bob.
    -I/II gen are the only great gens; things get pretty ridiculous after that.
    -gen I/II have the best Pokemon and stories, by far!
    -All of these weird Poke's and typings in III/IV/V are unrealistic and don't look appealing!
    -The best thing about modern generations are the moves! I like Aerial Ace and Water Pulse.

    Gen I and II are SUPERIOR
    BY FAR