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Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
I always thought cryogonal and glalie to be like cousins or something. But yea I do agree that their appearences are somewhat uninviting. Especially if you ran into an angry Glalie in an Ice Cave PX. Cryogonal cuz...i dunno cyborg like pokemon that also lack the visible facial features kinda weird me out too.
cyborg like pokemon???

Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
But I always thought Ash's Glalie to be kinda cute .
well that's bcuz Ash's Glalie is not always angry xD XD

Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
@Avishka Sorry to bother but my Beartic's sprite isnt showing up in the member's pannel
Oops! sorry i was in hurry so i must have forgoten to add it thanks for telling my btw :D

Originally Posted by Fuyuki~ View Post
Name: Fuyuki~
2 Partner Pokemon: Glaceon and Articuno I guess.
Why: Because I love Ice Types... I suppose.

Deliberd in terms of usefulness. I mean, it only has one move in its movepool, a limited movepool through TMs and Tutors, and has horrendous base stats as well as a double weakness to Rock. No thanks.

Design-wise, I'd say Snorunt. I doesn't even look like an Ice Type. Eh.
welcome to the club Fuyuki~!!!
gotta agree with u about Snorunt. it's doesn't look like ice type pokemon

Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
What Ice Type Do You Like the Least?

Definitely Jynx, it looks hideous and a poor defensive typing not to mention she was involved in racist controversy? I actually hated her looks to start off with.

Delibird may look cute, but its stats and movepool suck as well as a double Rock weakness. I do like using it for Christmas though.
gootta agree about Jynx
it doesn't even look like ice type pokemon