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Aaron Donaldson
Post one

Aaron was aimlessly journeying around Johto, he was not yet ready to return home after his efforts in the Hoenn League, where he was eliminated in the first round. He was very upset with himself following his defeat, however since then he has realized that winning isn't everything. As usual, Aaron was listening to his favourite radio show on his Pokégear, hosted by DJ Ben. Everyone in the entire world knew that Suicune had gone missing, it was on the front page of every newspaper across the nation and was the main feature of all news programmes. Aaron had always admired Suicune and assumed that it was just journeying on its own and didn't know what the big deal was about, it's a legendary Pokémon, he though, it can look after itself. It was one of the strongest Pokémon in the world, it was in no danger whatsoever. Aaron just about arrived in Violet city when he heard of ceremony for Suicune in the Ecruteak Dance Theatre, he immediately decided that he would attend the tribute.

After a quick stop at the Pokémon Center in Violet city, Aaron stopped in at the gym to see his old friend Falkner, after Aaron defeated Falkner the pair stayed in contact and Falkner regularly offered his advice to Aaron in awkward situations. After some time with his old friend, AAron noticed that time was getting on and he would have to leave if he was to make the Suicune ceremony in Ecruteak, he bid the Bird type Gym Leader farewell and set off for Ecruteak.

Aaron was making his way towards Ecruteak, it was beginning to get late now and it was rather dark. Aaron’s Shelgon was plodding along beside him. After a few minutes of walking in silence, Aaron heard a rustling. Both he and Shelgon both stopped in their tracks and immediately scanned their surroundings. Aaron pulled his Pokégear out of his pocket and used the ‘Flash’ app. A bright light engulfed the area, and after being temporarily blinded, Aaron seen the cause of the rustling. It was an Ursaring! And not just a normal Ursaring, its eyes were eerily glowing a neon red colour.

‘Shelgon quickly, Flamethrower!’ Aaron exclaimed. The Dragon Pokémon quickly nodded, opened its mouth and exhaled powerful, red hot flames at the giant bear. The flames seem to do nothing to do bear who began walking through the flames towards Shelgon.

‘Look out Shelgon!’ Aaron shouted, but it was too late. His Pokémon was subject to a critical Slash from close range and it was immediately knocked out. Aaron began to panic, but he swiftly returned Shelgon to its haven in a Pokéball. After quickly pondering what to do, Aaron launched another capsule, releasing a Swampert.

‘Let’s go buddy,’ he said in as calm a tone as possible, ‘use Ice Beam to freeze the Ursaring!’ Swampert let out a battle cry and launched a constant stream of ice at its foe. At first it froze its legs so it couldn’t move, and he worked his way up. ‘Don’t freeze his head Swampert,’ Aaron sighed with relief. When Swampert was finished Aaron used his Pokégear to take a picture of the Ursarings eyes, this wasn’t normal and Aaron was sure his parents and Professor Elm would be at least as interested as he was about this.

Aaron recalled Swampert to its Pokéball and he set off Ecruteak once again, however more on edge than before. Despite his anxiety, Aaron didn't come across any more Pokémon like he did previously. He occasionally seen a Sentret or Hoothoot scurrying around, but nothing that frightened him quite like the Ursaring. Eventually he arrived at the city known as Ecruteak. He immediately headed to the Pokémon Center, where he would be taking refuge for the night.
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