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    Exactly CourageHound! That make all the baby Pokémon unique.
    And we might even need to mention happiness. A happiness that is essential in a Pokémon. Until that he needs to change! If he is not happy, he will not fall from being "weak" and "sick its in head"
    This might relate to the functioning of human babies like us.
    The difference between Pokémon and humans is that they evolve much physically, while we, we live in a way most similar to our initial state.
    The Pokémon will evolve so as you said, according to its trainer!
    As the mother with her little sweety.

    Oh, I made a banner for us, it was the first banner that I made some days ago for the forum, but I didn''t liked it to be posted like that. So I added Caitlin xD


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