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    I know what your all thinking: "How can 4kids be good in any way possible?"

    Allow me to explain something: There's always a bad movie or TV show that you find to be entertaining because of either how bad it is or how there are pretty good moments that you can help but like. In the case of 4kids, there are certain moments, parts or aspects of their English dubs that I can't help but be entertained by. They may send me on a guilt trip or be truly good that a majority of people can agree on how good it is.

    For example, I like cheesy puns when they roll off the tongue and when they're well-timed, fitting the moment. I also like the English dub of season 1 of Yu Gi Oh as it was before the major changes to the story began. Plus, the voice actors are pretty good and Cubix: Robots For Everyone is a guilty pleasure for me with a lot of cheesy dialogue befitting of 4kids.

    What about you? Were there moments of 4kids' dubs that you liked whether it be guilty pleasure or truly redeeming in quality? If not, please leave this thread alone.