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    Originally Posted by GenSmit View Post
    So I have officially become confused.

    I have been playing Pokemon Emerald on my phone using the MyBoy emulator and decided that I wanted to trade a few pokemon so I went on my computer, got the save file off of the phone and used No$GBA to trade a few starters into that gamefile. Now I'm trying to put the save file back onto my phone so I can play it with the new starters and all.

    Here's the problem: When I put the save file back onto my phone and open up the rom it doesnn't recognize that the save file even exists. I placed it with the same file extension and file name as before in the same directory as the rom, but the rom just acts like there isn't a save file there. Is there anything I can do to fix this or can MyBoy just not recognize the save data?
    My Boy is written in a different language to NO$GBA, they both handle data differently.
    My Boy also makes 3 different files (instead of 1) when running a GBA game. The main save file (.SAV), another save file and then an image.
    I'm not sure what the other 2 files are for but they seem to be needed when loading the main save.
    I'm not sure how to fix this but you are properly better off asking the dev of My Boy for some answers.
    His email is on the Play Store.
    Currently working on a new Pokemon Hack with an in-depth story line!
    That's about as much as you're going to get for now...

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