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Hacking is what brought me here as well. I was twelve then and I was infatuated with the idea of hacking. I learned a lot, and I still have a good bit of scripting knowledge in my head (now with C++!). I never actually gave up hacking, but in recent months I started to feel as if I could go on to something bigger. I don't remember exactly why I wondered on to the Roleplay boards (I think that was either 2008 or 2009, not really sure), but when I did, I became enthralled with the idea of being in a new story in a pokemon backdrop that was so immersive that the games, none of them to date, could match it.

...Then I tried my hand at roleplaying. For a 12 year old, I will say it wasn't a terrible event, but I wasn't too quick to grasp the concept of everything. Granted, I did know that it wasn't a video game, I guess I was overwhelmed by the amount of quality that had to go into making a character and participating. After one bad experience, I stayed away.

So, as for the current reason and the answer to the question, I'm an aspiring game developer, and I needed mediums to develop my writing skills, create interesting characters, and make an interesting story. Remembering the RP Corner here, I returned to PC to try my now more experienced hand at roleplaying.

Though whether I'm actually good at it is another story -.-'
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