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What first drew you to roleplaying?

Hmm, that is an interesting question. I think my journey to roleplaying began a few years ago when I was in the midst of a creative writing course. At that time, I was enthralled with the idea of creating whole new worlds and stories that nobody had ever explored before and previously existed only in my imagination. I continued on that way for some time, writing original works for school and private fiction lounges. Writing by oneself is, well, lonely. I was always on the lookout for others who enjoyed writing and many games I've played in the past (what few I had time for) had a behind the scenes RPing community that seemed entirely foreign to me.

It wasn't really until I stumbled upon a site that dealt primarily with RP that my interest was piqued. It typically catered to those who loved scifi and housed some fabulous stories by some very creative and collaborative amateurs. I no longer remember the name of the site, I believe interest has waned and since caused a shutdown. I began RPing in a Star Wars RP actually. It was great. I was a morally gray smuggler mingling in the midst of high-minded, holier than thou, overplayed Jedi. The give and take that came from that first experience hooked me. I no longer had to come up with a story all on my own. Inter-character relationships felt truly dynamic and not like something I orchestrated from the start. That in itself was a revelation from someone who came strictly from a short story or small novel background.

As anybody who started RPing however, there was a steep learning curve. I was guilty of bunnying and getting carried away with scenes before others were ready. I was a noob that tried to move too fast and I quickly learned that wasn't how things worked in the RP world. Of course, I like to think I quickly course corrected and went on to become a semi decent RPer. (I still insist that I suck to this day.)

I stumbled upon this RPing scene by sheer coincidence. I was googling something about Pokemon games and stumbled upon ROM hacks. (Like many others it seems) I explored the site and noticed a RP section here. I was hooked and followed along anonymously with two RPs predominately. (Trainer Academy & Odyssey) I signed up after a few months of reading and on again off again attention. I now am a part of Odyssey, (a RP I can not speak highly about enough) and many others. The rest as they say, is history.