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I'm just glad they're gone but the damage is done and there's no going back.

Uhhm. Actually, what little battling we do doesn't actually have tiers. It's usually offbeat stuff (that Christmas monocolor would fit there) and VGC. General consensus is that tiered is ordinary and common and boring. That said, there's no guarantee that the wifi tourneys will fly, since most of the TC battlers shun BC. And I got lucky because I've been annoying people in #tradecorner (derp). Still, if there's 1 tourney going every couple of weeks, it could help wake up the wifi activity. 3 at one time won't work. It'll split up the current number of wifi battlers and then none of the tourneys will have enough participants to work. There's MAYBE 15 competitive wifi battlers in total on PC and the majority of them have to be prodded to join. Unfortunately, community night comes too close on the heels of the Color tourney. I'll ask though. Seems there's 2 maybes so far.

What would work is if you manage to get some of the sim battlers who have carts to give wifi tournaments a go when they're up. More activity in a tourney invites more interest. There's a respectable number of RNGers in TC who does free projects.
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