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    GAME: Pokémon Ruby
    SCRIPT EDITOR: Pokéscript OR XSE
    TYPE: Time script / Set time script

    Hey everyone, I would like to know if there is a command to check the time in R/S/E. Say, you want something to happen but only from 12 PM to 3 PM, and the command will check the time before executing. Also, I cannot seem to get a working set clock script in the first place, but if there isn't any way to check the time in a script, then i wont bother with it. Here is the Set time script i wrote (It's in pokescript, i am just beginning with XSE) :

    #org $time
    message $askt
    checkflag 0x1230
    if 0x01 goto $checktime
    $askt 1 = Would you like to set the time?
    boxset 5
    compare 0x800D 0x1
    if 0x1 goto $entertime

    #org $checktime
    fadescreen 1
    special 0x9A

    #org $entertime
    fadescreen 1
    special 0x9A
    setflag 0x1230

    I get this:

    Once i've returned to the room from this screen, I am unable to move and the music glitches out.
    Any help or information appreciated!

    EDIT: one more random thing
    Is there any way to stop the "Save file corrupt" message? It's never said that before, but now it's starting to.