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    Stryker the Zoroark
    Tokyo, Japan


    As the boy began riding away on his bike, Stryker waited a few seconds before leaving the airport area, keeping his target in sight as he walked in a hurry. Need to bug him sooner or later, 'cause I can't run without attracting attention, and he has a bike. For now, though, he needed another way to track the boy. Lucky for him, his friend was based here in Tokyo and was one of those RDM agents that made use of human technology. Yes, there were the mundane objects that some RDM Pokemon used, like tents and chairs and rope, but Stryker and his friend went beyond that.

    Stryker stopped a moment to pull a cell phone out of his backpack, then jogged for a few moments until he caught sight of the boy again. He dialed a number and held it up as he followed his quarry. After a few seconds of ringing, the other end was picked up. "Yello? Who's this?" The mildly high-pitched voice spoke in English with a pronounced Raichu accent.

    "You gettin' enough calls that you hafta ask who I am, Surge?" Stryker asked, smirking to himself. The smirk left as the traffic blocked the boy from his view, and he hurried a few steps.

    "Stryker!!" The volume made the 'teenager' wince and hold the phone a few inches away from his ear. "Long time, no see, buddy! Where ya callin' from this time? L.A.? Phoenix?"

    "Tokyo, actually." Okay, he was back in view. "Got a new priority task, and I'd appreciate it if you could help me out for a bit." Before the Raichu could answer, Stryker added, "I got some new stuff for you to look at."

    "Coolioes. Whatcha need?" Surge was always interested in anything new that anyone could bring him, so long as it was technological.

    "I haven't bugged my quarry yet, and sooner or later he's gonna be too fast for me to follow on foot. For that matter, I'm havin' trouble keeping him in sight right now." Stryker gave Surge a description of the boy before asking, "Does he have somethin' for you to track, or will you need to hack th' cameras?"

    "Lemme check." Some moments later, during which Stryker lost sight of the boy again - he was about to get a little too far ahead - the voice replied, "Yeah, a phone of sorts. From a brief scan, it might be one o' those things human Trainers have." Stryker noted the disdain in Surge's voice at the mention of humans. "Mind you, if your target leaves Tokyo, I can't track him for ya. See ya tonight?"

    "Tonight." Stryker ended the call before checking the tracking app on his phone - Surge was a genius at times - then stopped hurrying. He could keep track of the boy now. For now.


    Strangely enough, Stryker's target didn't spend enough time in the Gym to have had a battle...unless the boy had lost within seconds of challenging the Gym Leader. Stryker made a face as he watched the boy leave from across the street; by that time, he'd changed his appearance to that of a Japanese teenager. If he put the Monferno in a hopeless battle, that would be a great reason to free his Pokemon. Still nothing about interfering with him, though. That was what puzzled him about this getup. Top priority, they had said. Yet they hadn't sent word to move in, and Stryker had seen nothing to suggest any supernatural abilities like raising magma.

    When it became evident that the boy had settled for the night, Stryker made his way to a nearby neighborhood, which had a little-known alleyway. When he'd checked that no human on the nearby street or on the rooftop was watching, he pulled a loose brick from the wall at the end of the alley and looked into the space. The hidden retina scanner flashed as it scanned his undisguised eyes before confirming access with a beep. A small section of the wall opened for Stryker, who ducked in and waited as the wall closed behind him.

    When his eyes had adjusted, he walked down the dark staircase to a sealed door with a keypad. He typed in the seven-digit code, which opened a panel underneath with a deep, narrow space. Stryker shed his disguise, revealing the Zoroark as he stuck his arm into the space, finding the three deeper spaces for his claws. As his claws slid into the lock, he felt something inside the hole pull a few hairs from his arm - something about a DNA analysis, he'd been told. He still didn't understand as much about technology and science as Surge. This was a unique lock meant to deny access to anyone but Stryker; Surge had his own method of getting into his lab.

    As the door opened long enough for Stryker to walk through, a Raichu looked up from one of his gadgets on the far side of the basement. "Lose any fur lately?" Surge asked, grinning as the Zoroark walked around the tables of wires and pieces of metal.

    "Only 'cause of you," Stryker answered. "I'm asking again. Do you really need something that complex?"

    "Ah, you know that we can't let any humans in here," Surge muttered, attention back on the small device before him as his paws worked on it. "'Sides, you know I have other enemies. There, done with that. Whatcha have?"

    A few night hours passed as Stryker showed him what he'd grabbed from the SRI International lab and Surge did some more of his genius work - well, genius compared to Stryker, who had never grasped everything about the concepts of technology - the Raichu proudly showed off a piece of headgear. It looked like a cross between goggles and glasses with an earpiece attached on the right side. The framework was slightly bulkier than normal, with small buttons on the side.

    "Been workin' on this for a while," he said, satisfied with his work, "and what you gave me helped complete it. You'll still need that phone of yours, but this'll free your claws of a couple things. I made it to fit you specifically, in your natural form-" Surge stood on the table as he slipped the headgear onto Stryker's head. "-and it can do a few things beyond the normal human stuff. The main feature-" He demonstrated as he talked. "-is that it should replace your phone when tracking someone. The lens show a map with the signal given off by whatever you have bugged, though right now it's synced to what I'm using to track your target. See? Once we set it up, you can also use this as your phone for calls and such, if you ever need to make or take one. That's what the earpiece is for, which has its own battery and can be detached if needed. I find it amazing that, dumb as they are at times, humans found a way to fit information into small packages. There's also a chip in the earpiece that serves as a limited database that you could plug into other devices."

    Stryker was intrigued by the idea, but he had a question. "Won't it run out of energy at some point?"

    "Yeah, but that's what long-lasting rechargable batteries are for," Surge answered immediately. "I wish I could've made them and the whole frame a little smaller, but it doesn't work that way. Sad thing that you don't have your own electricity." The Raichu studied Stryker for a moment, a thoughtful look on his face, before brightening. "Oh, yeah, I just remembered. The back ends of the frame can actually extend and connect to each other if you ever need to use those as goggles in, say, a sandstorm or snowstorm." He helped Stryker set up his phone to connect with the new device and settled the last few questions and doubts Stryker had. "How'd you get to Tokyo, by the way?"

    "Airplane," Stryker answered. His grim look was ruined as he let out a yawn. "Tired me out, somehow. Could you make sure there aren't any bugs in this while I sleep here?" He handed the headset back to Surge. "We've had trouble with that kind of thing before."Time to sleep.
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