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I'm trying to write a script in which a man will say "statement 1", give an item (in this case a Soothe Bell), and say "statement 2", but I followed the tutorials and got this. The man just straight off gives the Soothe Bell without saying Stmt 1 directly before and Stmt 2 directly after (though he does say Stmt 2 if you talk to him again).


#dynamic 0x800000
#org @start
checkflag 0x201
if 0x1 goto @nomore
msgbox @talk1 0x6
giveitem 0xB8 0x1 0x0
setflag 0x201
#org @nomore
msgbox @talk2 0x6
callstd 0x2
#org @talk1
= Hey, you're my first visitor! I'm\nso happy. Here, please take this\litem as a reward. I don't really\lhave any use for it.
#org @talk2
= The Soothe Bell raises a pokemon's\nhappiness. Some pokemon will even\levolve when they max their\lhappiness towards you.

Please help out if you can find any errors. I'm a total noob at this.