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Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
@Khawill I found your history section very interesting and inticing! I also find it kinda funy how are cards are Sun/Moon and some of the traits of our character are nearly opposite XD. I was also thinking about some kind of pet but givin Tobi's history it would seem to be very fitting, at least not now.

Good work!
Yet if you look at it, our character also have many similarities. I must say it is fitting though, considering the characters are two sides of the same coin. Like
-We are the same age
-We both bring the good out in people (My character tries good memories, yours goes for feelings)
-We both would rather be left to our own devices (yours doesn't respond well to people and mine is just too loose to be bothered.)
-We are both orphans

Yet the differences are just as obvious
-Method of upbringing
-Mood/Comtrol of emotions
-And of course our cards are polar opposites

I'd say the chemistry would be just as stable as two hydrogen atoms!
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