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"Thanks for the tip," Seth said, "don't worry, I won't." He chuckled. "I hope we're friends. A friendly battle once in a while is nice, but not a full blown rivalry." Seth then thought hard about the following question for a minute or two. "My father..." he began, carefully. He didn't want to give away who his father was... but he decided to do so anyway. "My father is a Pokemon Specialist for Plasma... I think he might assume that's what I had done right now. I left the day Plasma flew over the sky, so he may not know that I'm joining the rebels... yet. As for my mother, shes... well, she isn't... don't worry about it." Seth decided to not say anything concerning his mother. Seth got tired of his apple and sent out his Pokemon, then gave the apple to him. "By the way," Seth said, "this is Scraggy. Anyway, how bout' you? Would you have us rather be friends or rivals? And do your parents know?"
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