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    James “Jay” Rybak
    Tetra had discovered a brown object with the skull of a Pokemon, from a bush. Out of curiosity, I stepped closer to observe the object held by the Gardevoir’s green arms. The object was a young Cubone with a head topped by a Pokemon skull. The Cubone looked so delicate as if it was a newborn babe. I could spy the young Cubone’s eyes closed through the eyeholes of the skull.
    The Cubone appeared to be serene within a slumber.

    The Gardevoir smiled at the direction of Orange’s direction, and past the dozy Cubone to him. Orange had whispered something that I was unable to hear, to Tetra. Tetra took a few steps backwards from Orange after she had given Orange the Cubone. Tetra nodded at me, and I nodded back, understanding her.

    Tetra’s telepathic voice echoed through my mind,”I apologize, but I must be going now. Perhaps we shall meet again someday!

    “Farewell Tetra! Thank you for the assistance for the journey that we went through today. May I wish you a positive life onwards!” exclaimed with a smile, and a hint of sadness for Tetra’s departure. Tetra bowed, turned around, and ran off into the horizon.

    "Well, she's not really Eggy anymore. What should we name her? Something that suits her. I trust you because of all the crazy adventures we've had these past few hours. What do you think we should name her?"Orange walked towards me and asked,"What's a suitable name for a female Cubone?"

    I created a brew of thoughts within my mind as I brainstormed suggestions and ideas for the name of the young, female Cubone. Marrow would be a good name as marrow is part of a bone. Cubone are often associated with bones. However, once the Cubone evolves into a Marowak, the name would sound cliché as it is too similar to Marowak. Maybe Adrienne would work? Wait a minute that would not be right as Adrienne means dark one in another language. The young Cubone is not a dark type. Perhaps another good name would fit. Perhaps something that fits that young newborn Pokemon…hmmm. Another idea popped into my head. If there was a light bulb above my head, it would light up. The name I thought of was not too cliché, yet not too far related to a Cubone. The name I had chosen means a free woman. The young Cubone was free from the confinements of her egg. I had finally made my final decision for the name of the newly hatched Cubone.

    “I suggest that a brilliant name for your Cubone would be…,”I caught myself with a breath, smiled, and I spoke the final word or in this case, the name, “Caroline.”

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