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    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    Like I said before, when people are suggesting things in Essentials, they need to think "Which features in Essentials can better fit on my game" rather than "Which features in Essentials can better fit in majority of games".
    Although Essentials is by definition a part of every game, and should focus on features that fit in the majority of games, what you suggest is a reasonable idea.

    I'm not making a game myself, and I don't know what people are doing and want to do with Essentials. It's always nice to hear what people want, and it's easiest to draw inspiration from what you want for your own game.

    I won't implement every single suggestion (e.g. "glitch" Pokémon), but there are some suggested features I hadn't thought of but would like to include (e.g. Virtual Trainers - please give me a better name for this feature!).

    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    I think that isn't hard to do using serialization on trainer object and, maybe, a cryptography algorithm (like Vigenère) to don't allow for a player (not the developer) easily edit a virtual trainer.
    Certainly it's not difficult to make the data-saving and -loading work. The majority of the effort goes into doing things with that information, like creating new screens (e.g. a list of trainers), events which showcase the feature, and so on.

    As far as encryption goes, it depends on how the information is saved (obviously a string, but there are many different ways to put the string together). I've not looked at this aspect yet.

    People can now upload .txt files to the wiki. Obviously they'll be susceptible to griefing there and you'll have to keep an eye on them (don't expect any help from me), but it's a simple last resort for people who can't upload their Mystery Gift files to somewhere secure for whatever reason.
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