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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
Alright guys, the thread isn't for posting your habits for the world to see. Get back to debating the legality and such from earlier posts, please.
My point with discussing my habits is this: No matter the habits... the bottom line is that no one can simply decide what my intent is. So while it is PROBABLE that if I had a pound I'd be selling it... there is still the possibility that I would not be. And for that possibility, no matter how small, I believe that imposing a limit on how much one can carry would threaten the legality of it in it's entirety. As I said... the government needs to make a stance. They are either for marijuana, or against. If they start to put a bunch of lines in between what is and isn't okay.... the entire system will devolve.

@ShinyUmbreon: Three ounces is an arbitrary number. Three ounces will affect someone smaller a lot harder than it will someone stockier. Just like blood alcohol levels. You wouldn't say the drinking limit is 3 beers, would you? would need be a function that can determine the relation between body mass and thc blood levels. Otherwise.... it just simply wouldn't work. What are to tell people who don't get drunk off 3 beers? Oh... well there's always tomorrow! If they were going to limit it's usage... they'd have to be fair about it. But the complication comes in the fact that thc stays in your bloodstream much longer than alcohol--long after you have sobered up. Thus you could have been a week sober and still have THC blood levels that are "too high." The number would accumulate and accumulate unless you fully waited for the THC to dissipate from your system. Their tolerance would build up and up, and the amount they could smoke would be less and less.

Plus... monopolies are baaaaaad. Which is what you suggested.

Again... you can't determine the intent of the grower. Say that HE DID grow to smoke... your entire claim falls out the window there. The reason it is illegal to make your own alcohol is because if you make it wrong... it could kill people/make them go blind. If you grow weed wrong... it just is gonna be some bunk that doesn't really get anyone high. See the difference there? Legal age I disagree with simply because I believe that upon "adulthood" we should all be liable for ourselves, thus 18 with alcohol being 18 as well Or the alternative solution... make the new age of "adulthood" 21.

First of all... dope is heroin. Not cannabis. That is simply mislabeling by society. Do not get the two confused. Secondly... the death penalty is not the solution. Should we also kill everyone who has a broken taillight? I'm sure they'd catch on real quick and fix their taillights right away...
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