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For this answer, I'm going to use my initial feelings from my first time playing Sapphire and later Emerald. They're both easy now that I know how to play the game better and I know what to expect and prepare for. So, moving on...

I think Wallace is better as a gym leader. He posed a great final gym battle with his team, especially Milotic, and he is more memorable for me as a gym leader rather than a champion. I felt no need to swap him with Steven in Emerald. When compared to fighting them the first time in their respective games (as champions, of course), I found Steven generally more difficult. Cradily can be tricky to take down, and Metagross is a powerhouse if you're not ready for it. The only real threat that I found on Wallace's team was a Milotic, and one threat seems a bit lacking, especially when you're told "hey wallace is the champion now" and for anyone that played Ruby or Sapphire first, you already know "oh hey i bet he has milotic, better prepare" and even then, it's made obvious he has Water types so you know to prepare for that with Grass and Electric. Unless you're like...five...and don't read well...idk.

And in general, Wallace doesn't have much Champion "air" to him like Steven did. Steven was mysterious, helpful, and has a classy design. Wallace was helpful, but also...I can't get over his question in Emerald where he asks where Rayquaza is. You're obviously in the Cave of Origin, you were already at Mt. Pyre a while back and know there's nothing there, and the only place you haven't been to at this point in the game is the Sky Pillar. So um...DUH. Plus he seems more like he's the keeper of Sootopolis City, and I don't like the idea of him leaving such an important place, given what happened there.

Basically, I don't care for Wallace as a champion and I feel he suits the gym leader role more.

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