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    Originally Posted by FlygonMan View Post
    I cant find the download, is there 1?
    There aren't any releases yet. I'm planning on releasing an Alpha once I finish up to & including Viridian Forest.

    Alternatively I could release an alpha now that ends at Route 1, but I want to give you guys a little more to play with than just a tiny bit.

    But until I release an Alpha, I will provide little tidbits of stuff to keep you guys interested:

    This will be the main method of obtaining berries in the game, and it will reset every time you enter the area (as a way to compensate for lack of day/night).

    Also I changed the battle textbox again because the other one didn't look so good on actual hardware. This is the final one:

    EDIT: Also, here's some more DarkViolet music!

    Green's Theme - This is Green's overworld theme. If you're a fan of the Mother/EarthBound series, you might notice a little musical quote I threw in at the end. This is an original song I composed.

    Red's Theme - This is Red's overworld theme. Same as Green's, but lower, just like how in R/S/E, Brendan's theme is a lower version of May's theme (same with Lucas/Dawn in D/P/Pt, and Ethan/Lyra in HG/SS)

    Route 1 - edited from an HG/SS midi

    Wild Battle - a slightly edited version of the Mew battle theme from Pokémon Emerald.