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    Generation 1:
    Charizard: I simply love it, It was my first starter
    Arbok: When I was little I used to watch the anime, I thought Jessie's Arbok was super cool, actually I cried when I watched the episode where she released it
    Arcanine: I mean, just look at it! Isn't it majestic? Besides it's super fast and super powerful.
    Rapidash: I really like fire type pokemon and when I first saw this one in the game, I simply wanted to get ponyta to evolve it and have it in my party... rapidash is so beautiful *-*
    Gengar: I'm a metalhead, what did you expect? I've always loved ghost types, and I like gengar because of it's design and the "dead clefairy theory"
    Magmar: Magmar is so cool and strong, some people find it ugly (don't know why) but I find it cool and somewhat adorable
    Dratini: *dratini shows up* Awww look at that adorable little thing, I won't even attack it :3 *dratini used dragon rage* (your beloved magmar faints) Awww it killed magmar isn't it adorable?

    Generation 2
    Umbreon: Did my eevee evolve into that little devil? It looks like if it was a member of a black metal band... So evil but still cute.
    Houndour&Houndoom: These two, I wanted to go to Kanto so bad to have these guys, again, they look like members of a black metal band *-*
    Misdreavus: I said before I love ghost types, right? Well, misdreavus is one of my favorites along with Gengar of this type
    Magby: Again, so cute but so powerful, just like in the case of dratini
    Tyranitar: It's powerful, it looks like Corpsegrinder, and it scares the hell out of anybody
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