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Wow! Forgive me for replying so late, but I'm not exactly familiar with the whole notification system yet. :D

Well, hi, Leaf Storm. Thank you very much and yes, I do believe this community is going to be an awesome experience if it has people like you around.
I'll definitely take a look at those threads and I've already read the rules.

Hope everybody here is as nice as you are.
See you around!

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Hey there, Cirno! Wow, how did you know most people just called me by last name? xD

Well, yeah, there aren't many internet-savvy Egyptians who take an interest in like forums and stuff. Not that I know of, at least. Egypt is a wonderful place, but if you want to tour it, I'd suggest you postpone your trip for like a year or two. Until all the political chaos cools down a bit. :D

I'm going for a visit in two weeks, so I'll be sure to report back to you and tell you how's it going over there.
As for Germany... well... I hope you like beer... and cars.

I love travelling, too. If you're ever near Stuttgart, Germany, let me know, okay?
The "friendly" part is already showing itself. :D

See you around!