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Ok, my computer won't let me quote, so here it goes.

Sanguinius.- Ok, then. I'll take the Growlithe and the Larvitar. Can you give me your FC? Mine is on my signature. It's the BLUE one. When can you trade? I can do it tomorrow after 8:30pm <- You can check my time zone in there, it's the last clock to the right.

Orange Ness.- You've got it. I'll put your name on those. Sure, I'm available on Sunday from 8am to 3:00pm, my time.
I'll look for your FC, mine is on my signature, it's the BLACK one (obviously :D)



My friend LilJz1234 just opened his new Trade Thread.
It's an all starter thread, so if for some reason you don't like the natures I post here, he sure as sure has whatever you are looking for.
Egg Moves included!
Best thing is, he'll trade for basically ANYTHING!
What are you waiting for? Go check it out!


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