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    Started the Johto leg of my Green run.

    -Chose Chikorita named Thyme
    -Beat Silver
    -Beat Falkner
    -Recieved the Egg
    -Thyme evolved after battle with Falkner
    -Got Old Rod
    -Caught Poliwag named Riptide
    -Beat Rocket at Slowpoke Well
    -Beat Bugzy
    -Beat Silver
    -Caught Paras (HM Slave)
    -Togepi hatched from the Egg
    -Caught Oddish named Lily
    -Won Sun Stone in Bug-Catching Contest by catching Pinsir (HM Slave)
    -Beat Whitney
    -Lily evolved
    -Beat Morty
    -Caught Chinchou (HM Slave)
    -Caught Natu named Seer
    -Fought through the Lighthouse
    -Seer evolved
    -Beat Chuck
    -Thyme evolved after battle with Chuck
    -Flew back to Olivine to give Amphy its medicine
    -Beat Jasmine
    -Beat Rocket at Mahogany Town
    -Beat Pryce
    -Beat Rocket at Godenrod Radio Tower
    -Beat Clair and got the Badge
    -Riptide evolved
    -Lily evolved into Bellossum
    -Riptide evolved into Politoed

    I'm currently training on Victory Road for the Elite Four

    Current Team:

    Thyme (Meganium) Lv. 45 (Miracle Seed)
    Body Slam, PoisonPowder, Razor Leaf, Synthesis

    Riptide (Politoed) Lv. 45
    Surf, Hypnosis, Ice Punch, Body Slam

    Lily (Bellossum) Lv. 45
    Petal Dance, Sludge Bomb, Moonlight, Sleep Powder

    Seer (Xatu) Lv. 45
    Peck, Future Sight, Night Shade, Fly

    HM Slave: Paras (Cut, Flash), Pinsir (Cut, Strength), Chinchou (Flash, Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall)

    Completed Challenges:
    Ultimate Monotype Challenge: Dark (Gens I-V), Ghost (Gens I-V), Dragon (Gens I-IV)
    One-in-Each Challenge (Gens I-V): Dragonite - Hitmonchan - Gardevoir - Blissey - Beartic
    Ultimate Monocolor Challenge: Green (Gens I-V)
    Nuzlocke Challenge: Red | Pokédex Challenge: Red, Gold
    Ultimate Time Warp Challenge: Medieval Era (Gens I-V)
    Current Challenges:
    Eevee Ultimate Solo Challenge: 8/8 -
    16/16 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8
    Flying Ultimate Monotype Challenge:
    8/8 - 4/16 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8
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