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Name: Beck de Telarius (third son, fourth sibling)

Age: 20

Appearance: Of the de Telarius siblings, Beck is the baby brother and rarely seen in daylight. He's not quite as tall as his monstrosity of a brother nor quite as short as his older sister, standing at a standard height of 5'9" and weighing about 160lbs. His hair is... interesting, his brown hair tied up into a ponytail with the sides shaved off. His eyes are a mystical golden brown, but they are barely noticeable behind his round glasses. Some people even the four siblings look alike, but again, it's hard to tell as Beck rarely takes off his glasses. His skin is a little pale as he doesn't go outside much and he probably looks a tiny bit sickly from time to time, the shadows under his eyes appearing and reappearing depending on how engrossed he is into his work.

Usually, Beck dresses nicely and as if he is embracing for cold weather. He despises any kind of cold weather, toting usually a men's peacoat, a scarf, dress pants and boots. Underneath, he has a simple business shirt and tie combo which he shows only when the weather is too ridiculous for a coat and scarf. He has a tiny assortment of jewellery; sleepers in both ears and an ear cuff on his left ear. He also wears a watch but rarely checks it.

His tattoo resides on his under arms, and are spirals, representing the shell of a hermit crab.

Personality: Beck is a quiet and refined but an exceptionally nice guy, often away researching in his study or walking the streets of the beloved island of Regalo, buying supplies or simply taking in the atmosphere. He, though not intentionally, doesn't have an extensive list of friends to socialise with due to the fact he, one, doesn't really talk to anyone besides his siblings, those who stop him in the street, the Famiglia and the market vendors from which he buys from and two, spends too much time cooped up inside reading historical scriptures or whatever else he can get his hands on. Being a part of the Famiglia, he is never denied access to the libraries of the island and even if he wasn't, his ability to become invisible lets him sneak into wherever he wants. Beck has never used his ability for evil purposes though. He would never dream of it.

As he is often cooped up in his study, Beck quite often forgets his duties as an Alchemist. Despite this, he's quite talented as a healer. If only he would remember commitments and the time. If anything is planned, such as a dinner or a ball, Beck is more often than not destined to turn up late. Many tease him, saying "He could have been here the entire time!" or "Didn't I see your ghost before, Beck?" but it doesn't get to him. The only time it really bothers him is when his older brother, Marcus, scolds him for his lack of punctuality. Those fights can ruin an entire party.

Though he's not much of a fighter (in fact, he'd rather avoid violence altogether), Beck is combat trained. Barely. He can't handle a sword or any kind of firearm but he's not too bad with a bow and arrow or a cross bow.

Because he has a theoretical knowledge of many things in life, he has taken up practical in a few instances, one being music. Beck is an accomplished pianist and a beautiful violinist. Though he doesn't play as much as he used to (he might break out his violin once a month, maybe twice and play one song whenever he passes a piano), his skill with these instruments is quite outstanding.

His relationship with his family, despite the occasional fight on the surface, is quite tight. Dinner time with his family is something that Beck looks forward to after a hard day's work.

He admires Flint, his first older brother, seeing him as 'cool' and 'badass' and feels bashful and a little bit flattered when Flint compliments Beck or his research in any way. When it comes to Flint's misadventures, as nice as they are to hear about from the past, Beck looks down on Flint when he gets into any kind of recent trouble. He doesn't need to lecture him about any of it though, as Marcus does that job for him. As much as he reacts to Flint's teasings though, he enjoys the attention and secretly eggs him on when it really isn't appropriate.

He finds Camellia, his older sister, slightly tiring with her incessant need to bring him outside and meet her friends. Though he never complains about it (his body language says differently) but neither praises the outings, he finds her effort, though probably wasted, refreshing and enjoys her company. Only when Camellia starts to unnecessarily protect him and mother him is when Beck feels the need to speak out and voice his discomfort. One thing he really enjoys from his sister is her hugs and her love.

His eldest brother, Marcus, is one he seems to get along with the least. Again, he looks up to Marcus, admiring his strength and persistence but dislikes how strict and stubborn he is. He receives the most amount of rousing and scolding from him and they both often get into fights outside of their quarters. However, Marcus is the first person Beck goes to if he has any kind of problems ever. As his mother died at an early age, he was basically raised by his eldest brother as his father was always busy with other duties. Marcus is also the one he trusts the most; if Beck needs to share a secret or has to hide something, Marcus is the one he turns to.


Arcana Card: #9 The Hermit - Invisibility
Secondary Effects: As the hermit, Beck's secondary ability ties in with his primary of being able to blend in with a crowd; Beck can change his appearance at will. It takes way more concentration than basic invisibility (he doesn't need much at all to do that) and if Beck is not distracted, he can manage to change his gender. To put it into perspectives of the amounts of concentration, Beck could be invisible in his sleep. If he changes his basic appearance and accidentally bumps into something or trips, his appearance reverts. If he changes his gender, a quick change of focus is enough to push him back.

Ability to control powers: On the far end of his adolescence, Beck has quite a nice control on his emotions. He is able to keep a cool head when getting yelled at by most people from years of practice from his father, except when it comes to scolding from his brother Marcus. Beck has never let his emotions get the best of him, often pushing off any feelings of infatuation with girls or swallowing his pride or anger when his honour is swayed. But, any mention of his mother is quick to send Beck into a emotional rollercoaster.

Section of the house & postion: Alchemist Apprentice

History on the island: Beck was born to an upper-class family of high standing in society as the third son and youngest child of the family. At a very young age, Beck was taught to respect and to 'remember his place' from his father and thus has never felt exceptionally close with him. His love seemed to be placed firmly into his mother's hands, which is why her sudden death shook the youngest de Telarius the most. Despite Beck being 'too young to understand' (only five years into his life), he had always been exceptionally bright since he could talk and knew that her passing meant she was never coming back. He blames himself for her death every now and again, knowing too well it indeed was an accident.

Without a mother, Beck was reliant on his oldest brother, Marcus, to look after him and care for him. Beck learned how to read within months of his mother's death and within a year and a half, had read every single book in their house. His father, though a little disappointed Beck had not grown to be a fighter, took hold of his hobby and turned it into a possible career path, pushing advanced books that never made much sense to a young child. It was also around then that Marcus was gifted with an Arcana card and the family was invited into La Famiglia. Conversations with his father became less and less frequent, though a few things seemed to be repeated each time they did talk; be more like Marcus and never bring dishonour to the family. Though Beck understood why representing the family in a positive way was important, 'being more like Marcus' frustrated him. Marcus was the obvious role model, sure, as Flint was too carefree and rebellious and Carmellia was too much a girl but Beck wished his father would praise instead of half-scold.

By the time he was thirteen, Beck knew theoretically how to swing a sword, how to knit a scarf, how to play a lute and how to remove an appendix but practically was quite useless. His father pushed him into the most theoretical career; a doctor, or specifically, an alchemist. This time, Beck was all too happy to walk the path his father had laid out for him, finding medical, whether mental or physical, to be most interesting. There was always research to be done and Beck was too happy to do it. It was also soon after he decided to become an alchemist that his sister received an Arcana card and a heavy weight was thrust on Beck's shoulders to now follow this 'family tradition'. Which, he did.

Beck was gifted with The Hermit at the age of seventeen, the youngest one can be accepted into the La Famiglia. He was pushed as the 'prodigal' son, apparently, and was invited (or rather forced by his father) to show his intelligence so he could be accepted into this second family. Along with his father's praise and connections, his older brother and sister proof of reliability and his mind, he passed their tests with flying colours and was accepted by the La Famiglia. He also was accepted as an Apprentice Alchemist and has since not moved up. Not because of a lack in skill, but a lack in punctuality. He doesn't mind where he stands as an alchemist; Beck would rather accept demands rather than give them.

A year later, his brother, Flint, was the last of the de Telarius to be accepted into the La Famiglia. His father, pleased his sons and daughters had shaped themselves into seemingly respectable people (Beck would disagree on many angles), became more scarcely seen on the island and since, Beck has not had a decent conversation with him.

Now at the age of 20, Beck is following where he wants to go and what he wants to do, his father no longer really caring as Beck seems to be going in an honourable direction. He spends a good deal of his time researching, his current topics including the creation of the Arcana cards, the creation of the world and the possible end of it. With the approach of the tournament, Beck was originally not planning to participate in it, not wanting any seat of power within the La Famiglia. In fact, he didn't even submit himself into it, his father doing it for him and saying he should 'fight for his family's honour, like Marcus'. Not wanting to cause any further conflict with his father, he complied and now waits anxiously for the beginning of the tournament, horrified of the idea of fighting against his siblings. Of course, he know he will lose. Or at least forfeit early in the competition.
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