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A community hack sounds great and all... but having said that, if there's no director of the ROM hack to organize the storyline or at least put in polls for voting in which ideas to use and stuff every 2 weeks or so... then a community hack won't exactly go as planned and would end up failing to be achieved.

If we were to start a community hack... there needs to be someone in charge of gathering all the ideas from the user's posts and then putting it all into a poll that would go for 2 weeks and one that is most voted would be used in the community hack and the people who are willing to help out with putting into the hack of what was most voted. There would need to be volunteer developers who are willing to accept whatever was most voted to put into the ROM hack.

And that... is the only way of how a community hack would work out properly... so that there's no arguments involved and all things chosen in a vote.
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