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Here is my first attempt at signing up for this. Hopefully I won't have to change anything. This sign up is allowed tied together with Skyim, Supervegeta and Ichiro.


Name: Flint de Telarius (second son, third sibling)
Age: 23
Appearance: Of the de Telarius siblings, Flint sticks out the most…in the most negative way possible. He shares many of the del Telarius attributes, though he seems to resemble his sister Camellia more than his elder or younger brother, with a dirty blonde hue to his hair and a lighter set of the famous golden brown eyes. Flint's eyes are notably more narrow, giving his face a near permanent scowl which is only further fueled by his smirk etched into his expression. His skin, like his brother's, is a light tan to it, if only because he wanders outdoors aimlessly. Inheriting his mother's more angular features, Flint has higher cheek bones and a more angular jaw, however it is not the same extent as Camellia. Most telling in Flint's relatively plain facial features is his nose, which has a distinguishable hook to it, likely a product of being in one too many fights in his youth. Physically, Flint is not too intimidating standing literally in his older brother's shadow, standing at 6"1 and weighing just over 175 pounds. He has a lanky build, with long arms and legs and a stocky torso. He has some muscle definition, maintaining an athletic build, however he has been accused of suffering from an eating disorder given his relative lack of fat.

It is there where the family resemblance ends. A rebel at heart, Flint refuses to conform his brother's desires for physical cleanliness. Dressing formal is an unknown concept, but nevertheless Flint tries his best. Flint enjoys relaxing in a pair of ripped blue jeans, old beaten down shoes, and your typical grungy black t-shirt. In other words, he doesn't care what he looks like. However, when forced to dress nice: Flint cleans up fairly well. He continues to wear jeans, but choses to keep them black as in some vain attempt to make them appear as "dress pants." He sports a gray button shirt, with the sleeves rolled up. Dress shoes are worn, but Flint made sure to scoff them up a bit for good measure. Flint keeps his hair long and unhinged, reaching down his shoulders in a wavy mess. He keeps darker brown facial hair surprisingly groomed, in the style of a chinstrap. Additionally, Flint has invested in a number of questionable accessories, including a nose stud piercing, piercings in both ears, a sliver chain necklace, and several tattoos, mostly cliche tribal designs on his arms and shoulders. He also is rarely seen without a pair of sunglasses on, and a cigarette in his mouth. He commonly sports headphones like these, usually resting on his shoulders primarily for style but also to drown out idle chatter.

Flint's Arcana Mark is an eagle flying in the air, engraved on his entire back. He likes to think it symbolizes his free spirit. It appeared following the contract with the Chariot Card.

Personality: Experimental, reckless, and selfish are the most apt words to describe Flint. In his mind, he is first and last and caring for himself is the most important priority. As such, Flint carries himself as detached from the world, only concerning himself with things that directly affect him (or his family) in some way or form. Flint is this regard can be interpreted as excessively pragmatic, relying on his objectivism and logic to guide his actions. He rarely does anything without some purpose behind it, however simple, to justify his actions. His most common motive for anything is to simply have a little fun.

Like his sister, Flint is something of free spirit, however, he does it for more selfish reasons. Instead of avoiding responsibility, Flint is avoiding reality. Flint's fickle mind and love of experimentation and entertainment is a means of escapism avoiding the realities of his unresolved issues with his father and his mother's passing. As a result, Flint is willing to try anything at least once and rarely stays in one place for long, being the definition of stir crazy. He is adventurous, world weary, fun loving and easy going, rarely taking things seriously and not one to be bogged down in details.

Flint abhors authority, social refinement and complexities of adult life. Laws, societal norms, guidance and criticism are all poorly received by Flint, and he willingly chooses to ignore them. In fact, Flint often flirts with danger in this regard, challenging each of these concepts regularly just to test his mettle. Social refinement and manners are lost to Flint, preferring to be blunt at best. Flint will much rather skip to the point than be nice. Honesty is the only policy. At the same time, Flint has little concern for presentation, manners and social etiquette, seeing them as a waste of time. Adult life is too bogged down by routine and tediousness to the point that Flint would much rather avoid such responsibility altogether in favor of his more morally and socially questionable hobbies and reckless lifestyle.

Flint's relationships with his brothers and sister can be rather complicated. After being absent from some time, Flint has had to rebuild many of his relationships and in some cases it has not been without difficulty.

As far as Flint is concerned, his most functioning relationship is with his older sister Camillia, as from his perspective, they are very similar people. He appreciates her willingness to enjoy life and experience things, but is disappointed in her restraint to go on more epic adventures. Regardless, he still tries his best to get her to try more things, as she is the only one that he feels he can invite to go much of anywhere. He enjoys sharing his stories with her as well as involving her in some of his pranks, particularly on Marcus and Beck.

Flint enjoys a fairly close or at least functioning relationship with Beck as well, due to a mutual understanding that they are different people. Flint admires Beck's work ethnic and intelligence and continually reminds Beck to not follow in his footsteps as Flint recognizes his lifestyle is far from admirable (though he doesn't regret a thing). He supports Beck and wishes him well, but continues to tease him and push him to relax once a while. When Beck doesn't listen, Flint gets him back with a prank. It functions well enough.

Flint's poorest relationship is with his older brother Marcus, due to the lack of understanding between their radically different personalities. The issue begins with Marcus trying to mold Flint into someone he is not and refusal to allow Flint to be who he wants to be. In return, Flint believes Marcus needs to lighten up and take that stick out of his ass. They will frequently bump heads, argue and refuse to acknowledge's the others opinion on any issue, placing an irresistible force in opposition to an unmovable object. Despite the fighting, Flint knows his brother means well and appreciates the fact he is always there to bail him out of trouble.

Despite a facade of being aloof and uncaring while offering tough love to some, Flint does care for his family and values the bonds he shares with them.


Arcana Card: #7 Chariot- Ability to walk on any terrain
Secondary Effects: As the chariot, Flint has the secondary ability to create a gravitational field around his body that allows him to basically play with physics and gravity in a given space. The field is relatively small, only extending out as far as a small room, but his control is absolute allowing him to make objects "light" and "heavy" and "pull" and "push" them in the given space. However, Flint's field inhibits his ability to move, as the field requires concentration to maximize its potential.

Ability to control Powers: Flint's control over his abilities are erratic, coming primarily from a relative lack of experience. As he only had the card for a couple years, Flint is still learning how the powers work as he continues to test the upper limits. It is not uncommon for Flint to experiment and learn on the run (sometimes literally). He is slowly becoming acclimated with the secondary abilities as well, but has yet to fully test them out. His personality is a double edged sword, as his willingness to experiment as allowed for easier learning and a more through feel, but his lack of commitment to work as made formal training nonexistent and his strained family relationships can set him off.

Section of the house and position: Cave Adept

History on the island: Flint was born to an upper-class family of high standing in society, born as the second son and third child. Flint was not subject the high demands put on his elder siblings, and was even babied until the birth of Beck where Flint was almost subject middle child syndrome. Free of the demands, Flint was an easy going child and was able to enjoy the freedom that his elder brother Marcus did not. Flint was never as skilled as Marcus in any trade, however, he still was able to offer his parents the occasional pleasant surprise of achievement.

However, that changed in an event in which Flint's mother died in a tragic drowning accident. The effect of her passing was hurtful to Flint, in ways that would cause further problems down the road. Flint, without a nurturing mother figure, gradually became more and more rebellious, acting how in delinquent ways to spite his father and Marcus, who hounded Flint with demands and abuses of authority. Flint grew stuck in a child-like state of a permanent temper tantrum, acting how to get attention and rebel against the authority figures that insisted he conform to their standards. His acting out was a form of self expression, though it was a negative one.

The move to Regalo due to Marcus' induction to La Famigilia did not aid Flint, and made his attitude even worse, as Flint did not readily adjust to the new surroundings. Flint continued to be troublesome, cementing in his most radical action yet: leaving home. At the age of 17, Flint left on a journey of "self discovery" and went overseas to wander around aimlessly, acquiring experiences and escaping the troubles of his home. While the intention was to simply have fun, Flint grew has a person learning a number of skills, meeting a number of people and networking a number of connections. Flint returned home at the age 20 to an awkward reunion. He had quickly realized that they were incredibly successful individuals working for La Famigilia. This fact slightly depressed him, quickly feeling left out of the "party." Feeling a compelling desire to reconnect with his family, Flint decided to give stability a chance and made an attempt to join La Famigilia, knowing it would be difficult to make a good pitch to join, given his personality and skills. After all, he was not fighter or thinker his brothers were. However, when he was invited (by simply family connection as his siblings had already established themselves as core members), he proposed the idea it is not what he knew, but who he knew that would benefit La Famigilia. Offering to work in the Cave and with the suppliers, Flint emphasized that he had many connections and the vast network of individual on speed dial that would maximize profits or anything else for Famigila. In almost any situation, Flint could say "I know a guy" and walk out the winner. La Famigilia gave him a card and a contract with some apprehension.

Flint immediately entered the work force and made an impact, using his connections to make a good first impression. Also, he really wanted his brother, Marcus, to stop ridiculing him. It got really annoying, really fast. It was time to prove himself. As long as work didn't get boring that is.

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