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    Name: rainerman3
    Partner Pokemon: ( I already know my cutie from an egg. <3)
    Partner's nickname: Can I name him now? (Riley)
    Your trainer sprite: <---- These guys. :3
    Why do you like baby Pokémon?: I love baby pokemon because they are cute of course, some of them are really strong and learn great moves and if I need good battling pokemon than usually they're evolutions are brutal. ''
    Do you like all the new systems?: Umm, they're really good. This is a cool upgrade from the regular points system. :D
    Answer the current topic: Egg mystery: Which pokemon does this egg is from ? This? Of course it's Chikorita! (I can tell from the buds. :3)

    Oh and ummm this thing over here... ----> I love babies pokemon and Gloria of course.
    Pokeanalysis: You are very mysterious like the ocean abyss, choosing not to give away your true intentions and feelings. People don't know much about you, as you don't strive to be the center of attention like most people. You love your close friends and would do anything to protect them and defend them. You are kind and intelligent, and very powerful. You are a lover of peace and tranquility and hate meaningless violence. This makes you like Lugia!