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Originally Posted by rainerman3 View Post
Name: rainerman3
Partner Pokemon: ( I already know my cutie from an egg. <3)
Partner's nickname: Can I name him now? (Riley)
Your trainer sprite: <---- These guys. :3
Why do you like baby Pokémon?: I love baby pokemon because they are cute of course, some of them are really strong and learn great moves and if I need good battling pokemon than usually they're evolutions are brutal. ''
Do you like all the new systems?: Umm, they're really good. This is a cool upgrade from the regular points system. :D
Answer the current topic: Egg mystery: Which pokemon does this egg is from ? This? Of course it's Chikorita! (I can tell from the buds. :3)

Oh and ummm this thing over here... ----> I love babies pokemon and Gloria of course.
welcome to the club, rainerman3!!
cute nickname! :3