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    Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
    You must make sure all the pixels in the image use the exact same palette colour, if it's any different... it will revert to the last colour in the palette. It's exactly the same way as you change the tiles in AdvanceMap, you must make sure all the pixels in the image use the exact same colours as in the palette itself.

    I think I found a way of getting around needing photoshop by using PEdit to convert my pal files to act files but I still am not sure how I'm messing up on this.

    I have the image of the correct size and then I export the color palette and then convert it to an act file. Then I load the picture as a PNG into the unLZ. The picture loads into the game. Then I open up APE and go to 00460EF0 and import the act file of the picture I just loaded into the game. Then when I check in the game the palette doesn't match.

    If I load the palette first it seems to work on the existing female hero sprite but when I load in the image of the new female hero sprite it turns bright pink and cyan again.