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Originally Posted by .MiKeY View Post
Count me in for Wifi, haven't had a good battle in forever and it gives me an excuse to build some teams and to actually be active again. The thing is how to get people interested in the Wifi portion over PO/Showdown.?
Well we don't really need to be interested in that over PS, but there needs to be a good reason to play the games rather than the server. Perhaps encourage Pokemon prizes, but that's all I can think of that'd make people want to use the DS > PS. :(

Originally Posted by Wolflare View Post
Make it so that they need to win battles instead of completing them because they struggle to win? I'm not sure if I understand... How about, a user receives 5 points for completing a battle, and 10 for winning one? Then again, this is starting to look like the GT tournaments, so I might have to put some more thought into this.
Oh I meant it's easy to play 5 battles at once but not win 5 battles at once, since you mentioned people playing more than one battle at once, and it'd eliminate the unfairness factor if it only counted towards wins (alternatively if you made it just one battle at once!)

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