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Update on Ultimate Monocolor Challenge (Pink).

Update #2 on Platinum.

  • Explored Wayward Cave and helped Mira out.
  • Went through Mt. Coronet to Hearthome City.
  • Challenged the gym and defeated Fantina without too much trouble.
  • Defeated Barry on my way to Solaceon Town.
  • Caught Healer the Chandey on Route 210 and Marcus the Lickitung on Route 215.
  • Explored the Ruins and Lost Tower, then headed over to Veilstone City.
  • Along the way, Marcus evolved into Lickilicky!
  • Took on the Veilstone gym and defeated Maylene easily with Marcus' Secret Power and Earthquake.
  • Got the Fly HM, then made my way to Pastoria City, where I saved.

Team Pink:

Healer the Bold Chansey, ♀ - L30 @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Serene Grace
Moves: Shock Wave, Sing, DoubleSlap, Softboiled

Sakura the Bold Cherrim, ♀ - L36
Ability: Flower Gift
Moves: Petal Dance, Sunny Day, Leech Seed, Growth

Fable the Gentle Clefairy, ♀ - L36
Ability: Magic Guard
Moves: Return, Wake-Up Slap, Magical Leaf, Cosmic Power

Marcus the Brave Lickilicky, ♂ - L36
Ability: Own Tempo
Moves: Secret Power, Rollout, Earthquake, Brick Break

HM Slaves:

Grotle - Rock Smash, Cut, Flash

Starly - Defog, Fly

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