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    Hmm, there's actually a couple that i would feel that way about, the most recent being my scyther. I caught it IN THE WILD with IV's of 31,30,26,14,5,31 Adamant, and with technician The only others would be my shiny milotic, it took me 4 days just to find the f*#$n square to get any feebas, and the 312th feebas i caught was shiny (yes, i counted, and it took me another 3 days to find the shiny one) but still, i imagine some people have looked for shiny feebas for over a month and didn't find one. The last one would be the only other shiny I ever found, i used the nugget bridge glitch to get mew in the original Red version, then when i traded it to Crystal it was blue, then my mom decided to play (she used to help me grind levels when i'd get bored, she's actually beaten the E4 several times LMAO.) and was like "oh, the data must be glitched, you got a diseased mew, better release it before it corrupts your game. Luckily i snatched it from her before she forced my baby to harikari itself, unfortunately not fast enough for me to keep from having heart palpitations for 10 minutes.
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