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    Originally Posted by Mithel_Celestia View Post
    I believe an Emerald remake or a single version hoenn game remake to stabilize the story line a bit. Emerald's storyline with both teams acting in the game made the most sense to me.
    Well yeah, but I think they'll still be RS remakes. I mean the HGSS storyline probably more closely followed that of Crystal than GS, so I still think they'll make them two separate games. Although I see your point about the Teams... I'm not sure. I'd like either to be honest, 'cause I'd just like to see RSE on the DS. Imo, RSE (Emerald in particular) were where the games started to get some of the good features that we know and love today (the re-doing of the PC box system comes immediately to mind!), so I'd like to see how they'd improve on these games further.
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