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    Made some major revisions to the history and added a small detail I forgot to add about her secondary powers. Every change I made is italicized so you'll have an easier time looking over it.


    Xoxaa Illiphia


    She's a young woman, standing at a slightly short 5' 6" and at a healthy, active weight. Her physical appearance is one of her most noticeable traits at first glance. She's a very attractive girl with many of the prominent features of a developed woman. Even so, the shy girl often tries to be as modest as possible, but she can't do much to conceal the silhouette of her bust and hourglass figure. Her skin is brighter than average despite having spent much of her time outdoors, but it goes well with her bright blue eyes and wavy strawberry blonde hair that is never stuck in the same style for very long, although she often trains with her hair in two ponytails. When let loose, her hair falls below her shoulders, dipping just slightly below her shoulder blades, often concealing her Arcana mark when let down, a bright blue mark at a slight diagonal tilt that resembles two swirl patterns on opposite sides that meet in the middle like a ring, resembling a whirlpool or hurricane. She also often wears a blue and gold wave patterned bandana across her forehead, which gives her a slightly hardened appearance for an otherwise very docile and sweet looking girl. Xoxaa also tends to tuck a few colorful flowers in her hair, usually by her ears or the stems under her bandana.

    Her physique also complements her womanly figures, as a life of hard labor and rigorous training have given her very well toned legs, hosting rather large calves and accentuated thighs and hips. Her arms also show some definition although she isn't by any means a "muscle babe". The girl's midsection also shows some muscle tone if you look hard enough, but most of the time this area is concealed by her clothing, often being colorful sleeveless shirts, sometimes layered over others, and sometimes a colorful dress, although she makes an effort to avoid such clothing, as dresses often show off far too much skin and cleavage for the modest young woman. However, the standard is not always the same for her legs, at least when she wears colorful, patterned soft skirts that usually conceal about half of her upper legs. She likes to dress comfortably, modestly, and have form fitting clothing, sometimes policies that can contradict each other, but she tries her best to find a comfortable balance. One of her most substantial attire choices are her pair of white, slightly heeled boots that come just short of her knees. Built for both style and practical use, she's always wearing them even in her training.

    If she can help it, she tries to avoid formal wear, hating all sorts of social events, and although she'll wear dresses, it's the formal attire that will bring out her defiant behavior. She's also not good at walking in high heels and frequently stumbles as a result.

    Xoxaa tends to be an isolationist. Although her childhood contributed to this, her nature has always been that of a very shy girl who avoided the presence of strangers and other children. Speaking skills aren't her forte, and she tends to say offensive material ignorant of how the other person might take her "input". This leads her to often establish pretty sour relationships with others, as she is typically seen as a smartass or a b!tch. Still, she never intends to hurt feelings unless she's in a fit of rage or someone has violated her comfort zone. The girl isn't very good at making up with others either, so her often sour words tend to stick among those who hold grudges. Her shyness tends to be a vice in this regard, as social confrontation, even over casual matters is incredibly intimidating to her. Even people she's known for awhile aren't easy for her to talk to, instead preferring to remain isolated and lonely over the pressures of breaking into social "clans", as she likes to call them.

    The girl does often make up for her shyness in a not always so endearing manner. She is quite the imp around town, even though she's on the verge of young adulthood. Sarcasm, light teasing and pranks tend to be her occupation when she isn't absorbed in training or other work, but even then she may try to lighten the mood, or sometimes worsen it depending on the other people present. Due to her cute, youthful appearance, older people may find her behavior adorable and thus warm up to her antics, while more hard-lined acquaintances may see her behavior inappropriate and very unbecoming of a young woman. Sometimes Xoxaa really does take her impish actions too far, sometimes causing physical harm or deeply upsetting or offending her "victims", often getting her in trouble with people's parents, her own guardians, or her peers who may ban her from playing with others. As her time has become more engrossed in study and work, this has become less of a problem, but her past actions have stuck, so her friendships are often shady at best.

    Although her impish demeanor might imply otherwise, Xoxaa takes her work very seriously, however she tends to lack the ability to focus on tasks that don't engage her, often giving her the impression of a lazy and unproductive student. However, she is very studious towards causes she's passionate about, such as her own training or improving her arcana skills, but getting her to complete academic work or writing would be like grinding gears. Overall, she has a good work ethic and is a perfectionist, and likes to make sure her task is done just right, even if it isn't particularly satisfying work. She takes pride in being good in what she does, and while she wont fight back if someone criticizes her performance, she tends to take it very hard and will often spend a long time reflecting on it, which is only exacerbated by her heavy self-criticism and her analytic perspective. Xoxaa tends to be seen as an intelligent young woman to those who get to know her well due to her thoughts and interesting perspective she brings to a discussion that otherwise she'd be absent from.

    Her cold, socially distant impression doesn't give a good read of who she is inside, an unfortunate side effect of being shy, but when the moment requires it, Xoxaa shows just how strong her heart is. While she isn't very emotional outright, she will keep someone company if they ask for it, help others when they're in desperate need of it, and act as an emotional support when others are going through hard times. She has a fiercely strong spirit, hates to give in to pressure and self-perceived weakness, and holds fast to her beliefs of what's right. Often she doesn't care much for people's day to day troubles or problems she sees as petty or self-inflicted, she will comfort those who will accept her company. She remains loyal to those who respect her, doesn't find herself holding grudges towards others who she feels have wronged her, and can summon up an incredible amount of courage in times of difficulty, a feat of note for someone with a lot of social anxiety.

    Good looks, a womanly silhouette and a youthful, well-kept appearance has its serious vices as well, combined with her shyness makes for an interesting combination. She's easily embarrassed, often blushing and hiding her expressions whenever she receives compliments, especially regarding her appearance. Her bashful nature is especially exacerbated when she's praised for her talents and beauty, and unfortunately for her, is terrible at hiding her emotions, her face exploding in red whenever, especially from the opposite sex, causing her to turn away, hide her face, or run away and hide. Sometimes she may even flee the scene if possible just by being in the presence of someone else that pays a little too much attention to her than she can deal with personally.


    Arcana Card
    #2 The High Priestess

    Secondary Effects
    Her healing capabilities extend beyond just mending others' wounds and fighting off illness, having a power intrinsically linked to anatomy. Xoxaa possesses these regenerative powers as well, and as such, has developed an incredible reservoir of stamina and energy, almost acting as if she is huge walking battery. She has an unusually strong metabolism and an insatiable appetite, making it difficult to ever experience this alien concept called "full", and she still keeps her athletic figure no matter what her eating habits are, although she trains frequently as well. This has also contributed to another strange habit, insomnia, where her battery-like energy reserves keep her from sleeping sometimes for several nights. However, her stamina can easily be depleted if she goes without food for a long time, which can cause her to sleep for over 24 hours at times to fully restore her massive energy reservoir.

    This ability becomes handy in a variety of circumstances, outlasting most foes and competitors in raw endurance. Her restorative powers aid in this, healing most cuts and bruises quickly and more serious injuries at an accelerated pace as well. Even severe or potentially fatal blows can be held off, stopping the flow of blood and rapidly rebuilding organ damage to continue staving off a threat even with an injury that would otherwise kill her and recover fully after a good rest after the battle. Her strong immune system even combats disease and poisons that would otherwise be life threatening or a death sentence, allowing her to be incredibly resilient against several bodily harms. However, recovering from such grievous wounds, illnesses and toxins seriously drain her otherwise endless stamina, and when able to rest, she still requires the attention anyone else would if they were exposed to similar bodily damage. Still, there's only so much she can heal or fight off at a time. If she took too much damage, her arcana powers wouldn't be able to heal herself quickly enough to prevent a fatal outcome. Her abilities even have the ability to react independent of her will to heal injuries, which in the case of fatal injuries, may even cause her to enter a short coma in order to dedicate all of her energy to stabilizing her.

    While she has incredible recuperative strength and stamina, her powers have manifested in another interesting ability, where she can concentrate her energy reserves in a particular part of her body, similar to how she does when she heals a serious injury, but can instead unleash this concentrated power from any area of her body, resulting in a more powerful blow. On similar organisms, this allows her to deal additional damage when she strikes them, disrupting the functions of the body, such as shattering cells and blood vessels, and over time, wearing away at the organ linings, giving her blows more effectiveness than just external damage. Still, she would have to strike an opponent several times for the effects of her internal damage to be enough to become a serious problem. This also uses a lot more of her energy than an uncharged attack would, where otherwise she would be dealing normal damage.

    Concentrated energy has also manifested itself in one interesting way, causing Xoxaa's body in the area where energy is concentrated to glow. Although this happens rarely, it occurs when she concentrates an incredible amount of energy in a given area, usually as a means to deal a devastating blow or to heal a fatal injury. However, a blow that powerful is likely to have adverse side effects, as it requires a massive amount of energy and focus to generate, will cause an aftershock and internal damage to the user as well, although not nearly as much as what would be done to the target, and will cause her regenerative abilities to weaken, especially where she concentrated the energy prior to her blow, leaving her vulnerable if the blow doesn't do the job.

    Ability to Control Powers
    Xoxaa is more reserved about her emotions and thus can exhibit far better control over her powers than others her age, but if she is exposed to a strong emotional impulse, she can often over-exert herself, draining too much of her energy than what is necessary, or even cause harm to herself. She's also not so good at focusing for prolonged periods of times and is prone to outside distractions, which can disrupt her control of her abilities and exert too much energy better used on the actual task. Her ability to deliberate the proper exertion of energy also causes her to exhaust her energy quicker than necessary. While she has incredible endurance, her inefficiency with her powers cause her to tire quicker when she otherwise would, and when she constantly has to tap her stamina reservoir in a given day, it can exhaust her and sometimes cause her sleep for prolonged periods of time afterwords and have a voracious, unending appetite after her labor.

    Section of the House & Position
    Apprentice of the Sword

    History on the Island
    Born in a family on a chain of islands far to the north, Xoxaa grew up with two older siblings, both brothers, and her father, who was both an arms dealer and weaponsmith, but also a high ranking local policeman. He had once served in their country's military, and thus was a veteran, and a highly respected one. Shortly after having started a family with his mate, his wife was discovered to be in an affair with a wealthy man and left with him, causing the family to fraction. Despite the experience, the remnants of the family did its best to cope. Their father was heavily distraught, and it effected the boys deeply as well, but oddly enough, Xoxaa was the least affected by mother's abandonment, perhaps because she was the youngest, only 5 when it all happened. Even so, their father chose to train the boys in self defense, hoping for them to aspire to follow in his foot steps. Xoxaa was unfortunately left out of this at first, which was a major disappointment in her youth. Her mark, best explained by her family as an unusual birth mark, became her best guess as a child why she had been neglected from the self-defense training. Although, she had suspected the strange mark on her upper back was something more than a birth mark.

    She entered school and quickly gained a reputation as an imp and a troublemaker. This gave her father a lot of trouble, as at a very young age, Xoxaa was already getting in trouble and was fond of beating up her peers who made fun of her. A troubling cycle began, where Xoxaa would be bullied at school but got most of the blame, and then came home to receive more scolding from her father and additional harassment from her brothers. It affected her academic habits as well, escalating to the point where Xoxaa could no longer complete coursework. This prompted her father to withdraw her from school and home school her, which was a huge strain on the family as he had to work all day, spending the remainder of his day with managing the kids at home and instructing Xoxaa. Still, even away from her harassers at the local school, her father grew frustrated with his daughter's difficulty with her academic work. It wasn't made any better when her father would come home late after work, sometimes drunk which became more common as time went by, and his disputes became more elevated, angrier, and even violent.

    Her father then decided to insert her in a local program, a dojo where she would be trained in self defense and martial arts, outwardly claiming it was so she could have an avenue to deal with her excess energy and maybe learn to focus more on her school work. However, more than anything he wanted to get her out of his hair. While Xoxaa quickly became absorbed in her training and spent a lot of her time with the instructors there, her father began to neglect her homeschooling and became more distant, spending more time with his sons when at home instead. This, however, worked for Xoxaa, as she could spend her home time away from her increasingly unstable father and absorb herself in her wild imagination, creating illustrations of strange monsters and building elaborate stories for them. Occasionally, she would steal her father's or her brothers' books on fighting and firearms, as well as some other subjects to learn about them since this attention was often neglected to her. It wasn't long before home life soon began to change as she approached adolescence.

    When her oldest brother went off to enlist in the military, home life began to take a turn for the worse. Her father would come home drunk nearly every night, yelling at everyone, especially Xoxaa, which quickly caused her to search for a solution. She would spend more and more time at the dojo, so much so that sometimes she would rest at her instructor's home instead in order to escape her drunken father. Her relationship with her instructor grew as a result, finding a parental figure who comforted her when she needed it, and even offered to home school her as her father neglected the duty years ago. However, this didn't go over well with her father, arguing with the dojo's management and Xoxaa over not coming home when she was supposed to. The conflict became so heated, Xoxaa stopped returning home at all, even though her father told her she was no longer allowed to attend the dojo's lessons, withdrawing his payments to the place. Xoxaa had effectively ran away from home, protected by her instructor who was acting as her unofficial guardian by then. Everything took a wild turn for the worse when her father, after a drunken night at the bar, sought out Xoxaa and her dojo instructor at the instructor's house. He promptly pulled out his gun and murdered the instructor and his family and made his way upstairs to find Xoxaa, shooting her right in the heart. Her father then promptly committed suicide after it seemed that Xoxaa was dead. Police arrived on the scene shortly after to examine the scene. Everyone was confirmed dead, except, miraculously, Xoxaa, who was in a comatose while her heart continued to beat, her bleeding had slowed to a trickle, and her entire wound was glowing faintly. Still, Xoxaa was still taken to the hospital for treatment.

    Xoxaa's life was turned on its head given recent events, where her father was dead, and her miraculous survival of the massacre was a front page news story. The unwanted attention created more problems for Xoxaa, as bystanders, upon her discharge from the hospital and her recovery from the event, would comment on her, ask her questions, or it would be children, either frightened or fascinated by the "can't-die girl" or the "immortal girl", as the journalists reported it as. The story reached so far that the family's oldest brother learned of the events that occurred, as did their runaway mother, and even the leaders of Arcana Famiglia, who suspected that this girl might be connected to arcana powers. These events would have a direct impact on the siblings' lives as well, as Xoxaa's middle brother was almost of eligible age to join the military, as he had hoped to do, but since he now had to look after his younger sister, he would have to postpone a military career. In the mean time, she continued to attend the dojo, becoming a top student there and learning various styles of martial arts, keeping her fit and developing her own technique by combining aspects of each style. School work was still a focus of hers when she had the time, finding books to read of interest while assisting her brother at home. Her brother took what he learned from his father to work his firearms store while he would teach his sister the use of firearms. The manifestation of the girl's powers, while she was aware of her high stamina and her ability to focus on parts of her body to recover her injuries, had become a central thought given the events of the massacre. It began to dawn on Xoxaa that these powers weren't just a sign of good health, but something much more. As such, she began to pay great mind to these powers, learning just what might she be capable of, all in secret of course so as to not attract more unwanted attention.

    On the eve of Xoxaa's 14th birthday, just weeks after the events of the massacre, Xoxaa was at the dojo that morning to receive an early birthday present from the dojo's instructors, having earned the highest rank in the martial arts styles practiced there. However, the early ceremony was interrupted by a surprise arrival, her mother from 9 years ago, stating she had come after hearing of the death of her father.
    Her mother revealed their family's connection to Arcana Famiglia and elaborated on her past, having been the daughter of an arcana card holder but had led a rebellious and irresponsible life. She was skeptical of her mother's claims and intent, having abandoned the family when she was young, but her mother was financing Xoxaa's trip to Regalos, claimed that she would live with her children on the island since she had severed the relationship she had with the man she left with 9 years ago, and that she would fund her daughter's training with a combat expert on the island for 3 years until she would be old enough to join the Famiglia and confirm her contract with her card, revealed to be The High Priestess. Thanking the dojo for what they've done for her, the two left and went home to inform Xoxaa's brother of the news. He, however, turned down the offer, deciding that this would be his chance to enlist in the military while Xoxaa was looked after by their mother. The brother stated he would inform their oldest sibling of the news, so Xoxaa and her mother began to pack, and a few days after her 14th birthday, they both left for Regalo.

    Life would change drastically from that point onward, arriving on the island and settling in their new home. Xoxaa was introduced to her new instructor on the island and began advanced hand-to-hand combat training while she practiced her gunning skills at a shooting range on her own time. Life became a lot more peaceful, and she was able to explore and improve her arcana powers openly, now that she understood the path her future would take. This led her to discover an interesting technique, where she could focus energy at a single point to the extent that it would begin to glow, as well as identifying an offensive use for her energy focusing powers, as well as the unfortunate side effects of such techniques. Xoxaa's impishness became Regalo's problem as well, as she chased younger kids and pulled pranks on people on the island, developing a reputation as the island's "cute imp", or among her direct victims, the island b!tch. Her training progressed for two years, improving her techniques. Unfortunately, news came that Xoxaa's middle brother had died in the service, and soon after that her eldest brother would visit Regalo on military leave to meet with the family. However, her oldest brother's arrival was far from a friendly reunion. The brother's time in the military hadn't gone too well and he took their father's suicide harshly, having revealed his habit of excessive alcohol use and the development of unstable emotional outbursts. Blaming his mother for abandoning the family early on, he murdered their mother and left home to find Xoxaa, who was out training. On her way home, she makes contact with her brother, who ambushes her and stabs her with a poison coated knife. In defense, Xoxaa managed to pull out her gun, shooting her brother before collapsing.

    Again, Xoxaa would prove to amaze medics, her body being discovered at the scene of the ambush with the knife wound in her side. This time, she was discovered barely conscious, clutching her side with her hands covering the wound, both glowing faintly. She was taken to the hospital, where they discovered she had been poisoned by a fatal toxin, but miraculously, Xoxaa managed to fight much of it off, preventing any need for medical assistance and instead made sure she was well fed and well rested until they confirmed she was perfectly healthy, her recovery taking an astonishing 3 days. Authorities also quickly confirmed the perpetrator of the crime, having accounted for Xoxaa's location that day and her mother killed in the same way that her brother attempted to do her in by. However, her family was now gone and several months until she could officially join the Famiglia, she was met the day after her discharge by her home by Felicita. The two discussed the progression of Xoxaa's powers, and that on her 17th birthday, she should approach the manor and seek to join Arcana Famiglia. In the mean time, her combat instructor chose to look after her finances while she lives at her home at the time, continue her training as well until she became of age to join the Famiglia.

    Upon her 17th birthday, she was met again by Felicita, and was guided to the manor to officially join the Famiglia.
    She was promptly introduced to Nova, although shyness made the meeting incredibly uncomfortable. Even so, her history and her demonstration of the prowess of her powers not once, but twice in a fatal circumstance made a good initial impression and Nova promptly had her secure a contract with her card, The High Priestess. Xoxaa was quickly inducted to the Sword Sector and began to meet other members of the family. Still she remains intimidated by all of the other members, all of which are older than her. On top of her shyness, she still hasn't made much progress fitting in with the rest of the members, but she still remains dedicated to improve her skills and prove her worth.

    The history is STILL crazy and dark!
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