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    Originally Posted by ElitePokes View Post
    Those trees on Route 46 seem to be out of place

    I can explain that. You are seeing what happens at the map border. If diego keeps the maps EXACTLY identical, there's nothing he can do about this. Otherwise, he'd have to change a border tile, thus screwing up something below.

    There IS one possible fix; he can add a small map covering the height of the area between Route 45 and Route 29 (to the east, and this can just be a continued downward extension of Route 45 to where it will meet Route 29) and fill in an appropriate border there. This might be the best option so that everything ties in the way it should. He'll need to cover the entire area or it will look wrong anywhere on the right of the map. (diego, if you're confused by this, send me the working copy on MSN and I'll do it.)

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