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Originally Posted by Satycorn89 View Post
Does anyone know how to deal with theDSi 052100 error code?? Today I switched one of my wifi connections from WPA to WEP and when trying to connect to it (after manually entering my IP, DSN, etc etc), I get this 052100 error code, and when I check the Nintendo official support page, it says that this is a transmission problem with the router, how can I fix this? Someone please help, it's really frustrating and I'm not able to interact with prople online ...
Hmm, is there a particular reason you had to put in all the info yourself? Usually you can just tell it to look for the hotspot and it'll give it to you, and you can put in the pass. Cyclone's fix included trying it in the advanced connections; you go to connection no. 4, it's there as an option when you try make a new connection, and try it using that one. I'd again recommend doing just a quick search for the hotspot and then just putting in the password instead of all of that manually; in case you were doing that because the security settings didn't work, do connection 4, if for something else, by all means continue if it is needed.