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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
To me "explicit" means "Warning! Contains crappy music." That's my experience of music with explicit lyrics labels for the most part. My experience is that explicit lyrics are disproportionately found in bad music.
That... is a point of view I really, really can't agree with one bit. Or even understand quite honestly. The second you branch out in music a bit you'll find that some of it becomes explicit because the artists don't have to care about being acceptable on the wider scale and can say whatever they want to, more or less. Plus you're almost eliminating gigantic areas of music, entire genres, by saying that if it's explicit it's, uh, crappy. As well as your definition of 'crappy' meaning very little since no one person is qualified to say what music is objectively good or objectively bad. It sounds like you just don't like offensive content.

For me, 'explicit' means it has themes or words which could be offensive. It says absolutely nothing about the quality of the music itself. So it follows that if the music is explicit I don't really care and I'll still listen to it lol.
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