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Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
As much as it's one of Science's fantasies it is pretty much a waste of time and money.

Making one clone isn't enough to make a sustainable population, even making 10 clones from different pieces of DNA isn't enough really.

It's just a show-off project, even the chances of finding intact Mammoth DNA are slim, limited to very icy regions where there might be a frozen Mammoth somewhere.
So much this. Cloning extinct animals is... yeah, pretty pointless. I mean it might tell us some stuff about past earth, but what exactly? Say we cloned a mammoth - we can see that it's got, for example, a thick wooly coat to protect it from the cold. That's great, but we knew that already. We've pieced enough together as it is to understand how the world used to be from other sources so really... cloning something extinct would just be a one-off thing to show that it can be done. And given that we've already cloned animals which aren't currently extinct, we already know that it can be done anyway, assuming we found intact DNA from the species to be cloned. I just don't see a point either.

Originally Posted by PiemanFiddy View Post
Well, I don't think cloning is going to happen ANYTIME within this century.

If it does, color me surprised, because then we'll have like 3 of every person on the same planet and our population will skyrocket.
There'd be massive ethical issues with cloning humans anyway (I might go make a discussion about that...), but as for cloning in general, it has happened before and work is still being done with it. So yeah, it's definitely going to happen more in this century. d:
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